Sunnies 1st Birthday Dance :)

Okay, I am semi embarassed semi super proud of how incredibly lame/awesome we are.
You guys wanted to see the dance we did for Sunnies first birthday and here it is!

So, the thing is, I love to dance. I didn’t realize I loved to dance until my late 20’s when I found out dancing didn’t require bumping and grinding or stellar dance moves. Dancing meant moving your body to music in whatever way made you feel joy, often surrounded by your most favourite people; all of which I can support fully. So, I’m a dancer now. I dance a lot during the day, around the house, and fully acknowledge my awkwardness at it, but I just don’t care. And apparently neither does Sunnie.
Ever since Sunnie was born, she has LOVED to watch me dance and makes me feel like the best dancer on earth. She smiles, laughs, claps her hands and makes me feel like a superstar. So naturally, I wanted to perform a dance for her for on her 1st birthday.
Thanks to my wonderful friend Kim, who happens to be a professional dancer and choreographed this fun piece for us amateurs.

And with that, I present to you….