If you've been itching to see some photos of our new studio space, I'll give you a little scratch in the form of some photos!

I still want Ryan to do some real nice photos of the space, but for now you have to put up with my poor iphone photo taking skills :)

Here is the BEFORE:
I really did LOVE this home, just the way it was. In fact, it's always been my dream home! Close friends of ours lived here before us, and did such charming things to this house. Walking inside feels like being hugged by a warm cozy blanket. 

Ha, but I did NOT love this garage! It was, well.... you can see for yourself!


The exterior is James Hardey white board and batten and cedar singles. The gooseneck light above the garage door and front door, really helps add a farmhouse feel.

And just for fun, here are some shots of the studio interior and sleeping loft:

This drill board shelf may not be in the studio (its in the kitchen), but I just HAD to share! My dad built this for us and made all my drill board dreams come true. Isn't it DREAMY?! I don't know what I would do without a Dad who can build anything and everything for you

We are so so happy with our new space! It's so bright and cozy. SUCH a great creative space!

house before and after

Etsy Makers Cities - Watercolor Workshop

Hi friends!
I know, its been a LONG time! And I've missed connecting with you on the blog!

Things have been completely CRAZY and BUSTLING here the last few months!
A few months ago, I was accepted to be a Etsy Maker Cities instructor. If you haven't heard about the Maker Cities pilot program, you can go here for more info. But basically Etsy ran free/low cost workshops in 4 cities across Canada promoting how the makers movement can benefit our economy. 
I was able to host a floral watercolor workshop in my own, brand new studio. And it was AMAZING! Like, holy cow you guys. Setting up for the workshop I was in tears because a year ago I never could have IMAGINED this! Seriously, the last year has been such a huge blessing for me with Mae Handmade, and now our new studio space has opened so many more doors. 

If you think this workshop looks like a fun time, you can sign up to my newsletter here, to find out FIRST when the next one will be!

I plan on running a few workshops after Christmas, so stay tuned. These workshops are for beginners, and there is NO experience necessary! FOR REAL! They are all about PLAY and experimenting, while visiting with friends and having a yummy snack. It's a great way to use that creative side of your brain, in a fun, unique way. 
In case you're not convinced, here are some pictures documenting the workshop!