I'm so glad you're here!

I'm Richelle, an artist, wife, dog mom, coffee sipper, and cottage dweller. I live in Southern Manitoba, Canada, in a small prairie town with gravel back alleys, wildflowers in the ditches and a warm community feel. 

I create block printed artwork, inspired by nature, botanical patterns and seemingly ordinary daily details.
I believe less is truly more, that less allows us to appreciate the simple shapes, patterns and colours that surround us every day. This is what I seek to create with my artwork.

Each print is hand carved on artist's linoleum or rubbing carving block, and hand printed with eco-friendly inks onto premium papers. 
Because of the hand printing process, each print may have slight variations, which make each one unique and original.

Each print comes titled, signed, and numbered on the front in 2H pencil.

It is my genuine and sincerest hope that you find beauty in the simple and intentional artwork in my shop.

Feel free to e mail me with any questions/inquiries at hello@richellebergen.com 



E mail: hello@richellebergen.com

Mailing Address:
39 2nd St Sw
Altona, MB
R0G 0B2


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